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The Rowayton Library's Virtual Gallery

Virtual Gallery

We hope that you are enjoying our new window designs at the Rowayton Library. We have a guest window designer Sara Griffin.

Sara GriffinSara Griffin is from White Plains, NY. She has a background in fine art studying visual art for a year at SUNY Fredonia. She currently attends The Fashion Institute of Technology where she is getting her degree in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design. This major entails designing and creating windows, galleries and store layout. She loves designing and creating of any kind from drawing and painting to graphic and event design.


Projects @ the Rowayton Library

February 2013 - Take Your Child to the Libary Day

Sara Griffin's Safara Window for the Rowayton Library


March 2013 - Dr Seuss' Birthday





April 2013 - Father/Daughter Ball - The "Music Awards"

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