Rowayton Residents May Apply for a Rowayton Library Card


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Rowayton Residents May Apply for a Rowayton Library Card via the Internet. Just fill out the form below and click the Yes, I Agree button.

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Your library card will be mailed to your home upon verification that you are a Rowayton resident. Or, you may arrange to pick up the card at the Library during normal library hours.
I understand that I am responsible for all materials checked out on this card. This includes any charges incurred on this card. I will report theft or loss of the card or change of address to the Rowayton Library immediately. I understand that this card can be revoked at any time.  I agree to comply with the Rowayton Library's regulations and I understand and agree that the Rowayton Library reserves the right to request valid identification of cardholder.

The classic line drawing of the Library by Nina Craig

The Library's mural Packet Day by George Avison


The sailboat image of Rowayton (courtesy of the RCA) -Out of Stock

Olivia by Ian Falconer

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