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Formerly independent, today Rowayton is the Sixth Taxing District of the City of Norwalk. Norwalk is unique among the municipalities of Connecticut in its manner of governance - and the manner in which the various public utilities, cultural assets and tax structures of a half-dozen distinct communities were joined together to form the City of Norwalk in the 1920's. Despite the passage of seventy years, the communities have maintained their characteristic individual charm.

Picturesque Rowayton lies at the mouth of the Five Mile River, adjacent to Darien, CT. During the past 100 years the community has seen the surges of several industries within its borders; farming, clamming, resort and recreation, and the arts.

With a population of under 4,000 in approximately 1,500 households, Rowayton has kept it's village-like character, including its volunteer fire department - the only remaining volunteer department in Norwalk.

The residents of Rowayton are very supportive of the many organizations and activities which give the "village" its robust and well-rounded lifestyle: the Civic Association (including its many youth programs), Library, Arts Center, Gardeners Club, Historical Society, and Yacht Club represent a few of those organizations. Despite the small size of the community two churches lie within Rowayton's borders; United Church (non-denominational) and the United Methodist Church. Also, Rowayton is included in St. Joseph's Parish and is convenient to area synagogues.

This century Rowayton has attracted many artists and authors, who endeared by its charm, have called the community home. Their presence gave life to the Rowayton Arts Center and coupled with the idyllic setting of Pinkney Park, the stage was set for the newest cultural addition to the area "Shakespeare on the Sound".

Our area's excellent public schools are well described on this site - and if you have a few extra moments, scan the historic exhibits, some of which document the birth of the first business computer in Rowayton.

Tour our virtual village and visit its various pages to get the full flavor of life in Rowayton. Further information describing the area is available on the Norwalk pages.